Beware of unreliable affiliate networks and partnership programs

Affiliate marketing has become one of the most popular ways of promoting the products on the Web. More and more publishers and bloggers are co-operating with affiliate networks. Most of them, however, indicate flaws in the collaborative system. Untrustworthy affiliate networks, which offer publishers too narrow or broad range of products meant for promotion, and also promise unreal pay rates for work on a monthly scale. Obviously, a promotional activity in the network within affiliation may be profitable, however everything is dependent on the commitment of an influencer, a blogger or a portal, and also its credibility, combined with high-quality promotional contents.

Promotion of products in many affiliate networks, focusing on various lines of business – can this work out?

An advertiser, that is an owner of the Internet store or auction website may use many affiliate networks. Platforms serving the purpose of developing partnership programs and helping in managing them, offering the support from professional SEO and SEM marketers, undoubtedly are also able to generate a large quantity of conversions thanks to engagement of many users promoting the products. Nonetheless, not all affiliate networks treat counting of affiliate statistics honestly, and so it occasionally happens that we have to do with frauds, and thus a problem with payments for partners may arise, as a result of which not only agent, but also an advertiser is presented in a bad light. According to some influencers, low rates of pay per click are problematic, however the fact is that this method of remuneration in many affiliate networks is being gradually relinquished already. Methods, which generate a particular conversion, that is signing up for a newsletter, or purchasing of a product or a (e.g. financial) service, are more frequently promoted. Such type of collaboration makes higher demands on publishers, who need to ensure the highest quality of their content and unobtrusive but also extraordinary promotion of products, enticing into clicking on a link. It is necessary to remember that respective affiliate networks focus on diverse sectors of industry, thus the ones, which are identical to interests and promoted contents, should be chosen. Promotion campaigns last for a certain period of time, therefore it is important that the duration of partnership programs oriented to a specific promotion should be ensured. Each affiliate network participant, as much an advertiser, a publisher, as an agent, that is affiliate network loses on advertising already unavailable products or ones withdrawn from the market. It is therefore worthwhile to decide upon affiliate network, which concentrates on the field of operation, where business activities are run. Bloggers and influencers promoting new health and cosmetic products on the Web may take an interest in the offer by, where products intended for promotion exactly from this category are offered. Thus, they can retain their credibility in the eyes of blog, podcast, vlog or website viewers. The same path should be followed by product owners, seeking their effective promotion, and so they should not opt for unreliable affiliate networks, focusing on a sufficiently wide scope of sectors, where each publisher may promote any product, with the result that consumers will immediately detect a deceit here and the profit motive, not the promotion of high-quality, valuable products.

Untrustworthy affiliate networks – what problems do users point out?

Beginner users of affiliate network point to the problem of an unreadable panel. At the very beginning, you always need to get used to its operation. A reliable affiliation is also selecting publishers for the partnership program. Such verification, however, should not consume too much time, campaigns are often limited indeed, thus it may come to a situation that an influencer, a blogger or a new website will be included in promotion of a product when such draws to a close. We can imagine the consumers’ frustration of inability to buy their promoted product. Colloquially speaking, they will be rightly served for advertising an item or a service, which is not and shall not be available. A good affiliate network keeps users posted on expiring partnership programs at least 30 days before. Thanks to it, they can forewarn their own consumers or readers, e.g. of expiring valid date of discount codes rendered available.

Trustworthy affiliation network – transparent terms and clear rules

Certainly, a collaboration with reliable affiliate network is very convenient as you are not required to search advertisers by yourselves. Given long ranges, earning on affiliation is by all means possible, and an offer from can serve as an example. Registration is available here free of charge for everyone involved in activities on the Web, whether vlog, blog or strictly marketing-related, e.g. within the agency of SEO. Upon positive verification, each partner is provided access to a full array of products in the scope of supplementation, cosmetics and health, and s/he can generate the website traffic by any means, equally via social media, vlogs, blogs, websites as well as podcasts. S/he can promote products available in affiliate network exclusively and even in 21 EU countries! Due commitment is rewarded with a commission fee on the value of sales, at the amount of even up to 50%. It should be borne in mind that establishing an appropriate network of promotional content recipients is necessary for a chance to convert at a high level.

Finding own target group is crucial for every entrepreneur and facilitates the promotion on the Web. Reaching it is easier thanks to the involvement in affiliation campaigns. It is then worth deciding upon selecting tested and verified affiliate network, tailored to a line of business, both being a businessman, and a promoter of products and services.

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