Internet traffic as a new currency, that is the postCOVID-19 world

Since the pandemic of COVID-19 virus, the reality on the labor market has atrociously changed. While traditional sectors of industry have been struggling for survival, novel markets and consumer groups are being established on the Web. Internet traffic has become the biggest capital in this new reality. How much can less significant influencers, bloggers and marketers earn at present?

If you are able to generate Internet traffic (on the website or social media sites), you surely must have wondered how to reap profits from it. A popular form is earning on advertisements, which are priced based on models – Cost Per Click model (CPC) or Cost Per Mille (CPM or CPT, Cost Per Thousand). A flaw of these models are low rates of pay offered by advertisers. It is utterly different in the case of the model – cost per action (cpa), where earnings are up to 40% higher compared to the remaining models. The condition is a high optimization of the website or social media profile for a promoted product.

How to derive profits from a ‘cost per action’ model?

Earning on affiliation is the best way to substantially increase profits from your websites, without any extra workload. Once you have entered into the partnership network, you earn on a cpa based model. It means that you receive a commission fee for your partner’s each sold product. It is much more profitable than earning on clicking on a banner only (as is the case of Google AdSense).

What should you ensure that is done before joining the partnership network:

  • making sure that commission on sale is high
  • checking whether or not a landing page of the product is attractive
  • checking whether you are able to promote products exclusively.

Then, if your website features a theme similar to products available for promotion, you stand a chance of earning sums in the order of above 5 000 PLN net. What kind of affiliate network is able to make it possible?

New program – LeadaMore

A new affiliate network has been available on the Polish market – It is worth taking an interest in this network because it features 3 key competitive advantages. Thanks to this edge, promotion of products is much easier compared to other networks.

1. Premium products and 50% commission fee

Leadamore accepts only premium products, which are more expensive than regular products. Combined with a high commission fee it means that is the ideal place to earn most.

2. Experienced marketing team

Leadamore founders have 10 years of experience they readily share. Each product available in the network is linked to an optimized website. It denotes that a user clicking through your banner ad will land on a website that has been multiply tested and improved in terms of sale.

In addition, experts of this network support their affiliates. A few free of charge meetings with Leadamore team will allow you to profile your website to such a degree that your sales opportunities will increase significantly. Few people realize that optimization of sales starts already on the advertising website. Acquainting with these techniques will enable you a rapid growth of income.

3. Exclusive products and 21 available languages

You get a rare possibility of promoting the products exclusively in this network. It means in practice that you do not compete with other networks’ affiliates. This will be meaningful in the case of a website optimization for keywords in the Google search engine as well as increasing the organic range on Facebook.

Leadamore also provides access to a unique option of translating product websites. Thanks to it, promotion of a given product is possible across more than 20 markets! For each person, who has concluded a few first transactions in Poland it means that only translation of a website into remaining languages separates him/her from multiplying own profits.

Apart from these 3 key advantages, Leadamore is also characterized by:

  • an unpaid registration,
  • a rich offer (over 30 available products),
  • a convenient support of the marketing department (via e-mail or messenger),
  • partners are handled in 3 languages (PL, EN, RU).

How to make the most of the partnership network? It is good to own a website featuring a theme concordant with best selling products. What was then the most desirable product in 2020 if it comes to on-line sale?

Trends in on-line sales in 2020-2021

Making money on premium supplements proved to be the best business decision in 2020. Promoting these products was so profitable because lockdown caused a lot of people to put on weight. These persons were seeking a solution to their problem in supplements indeed.

The second category were the products having an effect on improvement to the quality of sleep. Time at home is factually time spent in front of the monitor, whereas many hours of fixing our eyes on screens decidedly makes it difficult to fall asleep (due to over-production of melatonin in a pineal gland). Thus, COVID-19 has indirectly led to the accumulation of sleep-related problems.

You are now already equipped in the complete knowledge, which may remarkably improve your financial situation :). Do not let others outrun you and join the partnership network even today!

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